Pricing & Plans

Pricing & Plans

$25/month Plan vs. $50/month Plan

Ticoon supports different lines of business, each at $25. If you are registered as both an insurance and investment advisor, we recommend you subscribe to the $50/month plan to receive data for both lines of business electronically. An advisor handling only insurance or investments should subscribe to data for the single line of business on the $25/month plan.

Payment Methods

All payments to Ticoon are processed via credit card through our partnership with PayPal. PayPal processes monthly recurring payments with your chosen method of payment at no additional cost to you. Ticoon recommends setting up a PayPal account as this will provide you with a full transaction history of your monthly charges.

Branch Pricing

You require a license subscription for each advisor and/or user accessing that advisor's business. Please contact us and we will work with you to determine the appropriate set up for your organization


You may cancel your subscription at any time, but cancellations do not take effect until the start of the next billing period. Ticoon will not provide refunds for mid-period cancellations.