Integrating Google Calendar

TicoonSales now has the ability to integrate the Google Calendar with TicoonSales Calendar.  

  • The first step in using Google Calendar, is to activate the calendar.
  • The option to integrate the calendar is control by a ON or OFF function.
  • The current system default value for this option is set to OFF.

The integration of the calendars is managed in TicoonSales from the Activities tab.

a. If you select ON to integration, the system will enable the Google calendar.
b. If you select OFF to integration, the system will only display the TicoonSales calendar.

Note: Google calendar does not support IE8. In order for you to use this function, you will need to upgrade your Internet browser to IE9.

Helpful Hint: Any password issues must be resolved with Google.

Google Calendar Integration Functions

1. If TicoonSales and the Google calendar are opened in separate Internet browser sessions, the Google calendar will not be able to integrate automatically and you will be prompted to sign into the Google calendar.

2. If you are already signed into to one or more Google accounts within the same Internet browser the TicoonSales application is running in, the Google API will automatically return the calendar entries for any accounts you are signed into. 

a. You are able to filter multiple calendars by selecting the checkbox next to calendar name.
b. If you add a new event or update an existing event in the Google calendar session, it will reflect in the Ticoon calendar after the next page refresh or by selecting the Sync button.

3. Any attachments on Google calendar events cannot be opened within the TicoonSales calendar view. They must be opened within the Google calendar. 

To activate Google Calendar, complete the following steps:

1. From the Preferences tab, select Import Google Calendar and click the Save button.

2. Select the Activities tab and click on the Google logo to turn on Google calendar.

3. In the Calendar window, select an appointment date and time, the option to import Google calendar populates.

  • Click on the Google logo to import the calendar.

4. When the Google sign in account window opens enter your Google email account and password then click Sign in.

5. The integration of the Google calendar is complete.

To add an appointment to Google and sync it to TicoonSales calendar, complete the following steps:

1. In TicoonSales Calendar, select the appointment time and date.

2. In the Choose Calendar window, click Google.

3. In Google calendar, enter the details of the appointment then click Save.

4. In TicoonSales calendar, the new appointment displays.