Emailing a Contact

Complete the following steps to email a contact profile:

1. In the quick “Search Window”, enter the contact name and from the drop down list select the contact.

The Contact Profile displays

2. To email the contact, select the “Assign Email” button.

3. The button changes to a “Send Email” link. To send the email, click on Send Email.

4. The default email window opens. Enter the content of the email then click the Send button.

5. In the contact profile, to view the email, select the Email tab. The email has a status of “Pending Release”. 

  • To send the email, click on the email subject (Client Appreciation Day) as shown in the image below.

From here you can manage the email.

To manage the email, complete the following steps:

  1. To send the email on behalf of another person, enter the person name in the field
  2. Enter the name of the recipient
  3. Select the preferred language
  4. To receive a copy of the replies, select the check box
  5. To send a copy to the “Household” members, select the check box
  6. To make changes to the email, click the “Actions” button & make your selection
  7. Click the Approve & Release button to send the email

The “Action” button allows you to perform the following functions.

Hold: provides the ability to hold the email
Disable Email: provides the ability to disable and or enable the ‘Do Not Email” function
Manage Email: provides the ability to manage the email accounts

Note the following to the email function:

To use the email, de-select the “Do Not Email” button

To set an email as “Primary”, click “Set as Primary” then click the “Save as Primary” button

8. Once you have reviewed the email, click the “Approve & Release” button.

The email status changes to “Approved” which means the email was sent to the recipient. 

Note: To view the final status of the email, click on the email subject. The email has a status of “Sent”.

9. To view the contact response, click on the email subject.

10. The contact response displays.