Reviewing the Contact Profile

Complete the following steps to review a contact profile:

1. In the quick “Search Window”, enter the contact name and from the drop down list select the contact.

2. The contact profile displays with a business card overview of the contact basic information.

3. The contact profile has the following tabs:

  • Contact Profile - provides a summary of key contact information
  • Details - provides information on demographic and psychographic data
  • Relationships - provides the ability to maintain a record of a clients’ personal, business & social relationships
  • Activities - provides the ability to create, edit, manage tasks and appointments related to the contact 
  • Messages - provides the ability to send secure messages to contacts using the Client Portal site
  • Email - provides the ability to send emails to contacts and track the email communication
  • Documents - provides the ability to share documents securely with contacts using the Client Portal site
  • Client Portal - provides the ability to grant contacts access to the Client Portal site

From the Contacts tab, the following features are available for quick viewing.

Search - Provides the ability to quickly search for contacts
Classic Search - Provides the ability to conduct a classic search on the old version of TicoonSales.

Lists - Provides the ability to save the contact search results as a list
Profile - Displays the contact profile

Investments - Display all investments held by the contact
Insurance - Display all insurance policies held by the contact
Banking - Display all banking accounts held by the contact
Other Assets - Displays all unofficial assets held by the contact

Lists - Provides a list of all households attached to the contact