Exporting SmartOffice Contacts

Complete the following steps to export your contacts from SmartOffice.

Before exporting data into Excel, the Smartlink for Spreadsheet Export and Smartlink for Excel Reports utilities will need to be installed.

To install the utilities needed to export into Microsoft Excel, complete the following:

  1. Select User Setup > Installations
  2. Select the Smartlink for Spreadsheet Export and Smartlink for Excel Reports link in the Installations page.

    Note: If the utility is already installed, SmartOffice will display an installation confirmation screen. If the utility is not installed, follow the instructions to install the utility.

After the Smartlink for Spreadsheet Export and Smartlink for Excel Reports utilities have been installed, data can be exported from SmartOffice spreadsheets directly into Microsoft Excel by completing the following steps:

1. Open the spreadsheet in SmartOffice with the data to be exported.

Note: Only the data on display will be exported. If the data on display is not the data needed for the export, use the Customize Spreadsheet Layout button in the toolbar to format data for the export.

2. In the Individual Contact Summary Toolbar, with the data formatted for export, click Spreadsheet Export.

Note: The XLS-MS Excel file format will automatically be selected in the Format of Exported Data field.

3. In the Export Options screen, the drop down in the Format of Exported Data field can be used to export data in CSV (comma separated value), XML or Tab Separated formats.

•    From the drop down field, select XLS-MS Excel and click OK to export the data.

4. Smartlink for Excel Reports will open a new worksheet in Excel populated with the selected data from SmartOffice. A row will be added to the top of the worksheet with column header information referencing the data stored in each column.

5. The Exported data in Microsoft Excel displays with column header information.